Our Values

These core values were developed by Manufacturing Works leadership and staff, and are paired with commitment statements developed by Manufacturing Works staff.


  • I use all the resources at my disposal to fill company needs
  • I work to achieve shared goals with coworkers and stakeholders
  • I embrace new and innovative ideas


  • I focus on making Manufacturing Works' mission come alive through my work in the community
  • I approach tough conversations with truth and kindness
  • I take responsibility for my actions and decisions
  • I do what I say I am going to do


  • I build Internal and external relationships that are the foundation of Manufacturing Works' work
  • I actively engage in community partner initiatives
  • I respond to the needs of stakeholders through action or connection


  • I regularly reflect on the work that I do to maintain alignment with mission and values
  • I respect the expertise of others and will ask and embrace questions to gain clarity
  • I recognize my strengths and weaknesses and strive for continuous improvement

Renee Anderson

Vice President, Finance and Administration

Tom Birkel

Vice President, Manufacturing Services

Millie Caraballo

Industrial Development Manager

Ron Clough

Director, Manufacturing Services

Zach Cooper

Industrial Development Manager
216.391.5080, ext. 107

Rick Dawson

Manager, Membership Development

Linda Dyczkiewycz

Apprenticeship Program Manager

Julie Fehrenbach

Director, Resource Development

Kim McCarty

Industrial Development Manager

T.J. McGowan

Senior Manager, Employment Services

Brittany Moore

Youth Career Readiness Coach

Ken Patsey

President and Executive Director

Mari-Elen Sammon

Director, Brand Marketing

Anne Schaum

Administrative Director

Brianna Schultz

Vice President, Workforce Development

Ed Weston


Jessica Westropp

Senior Manager, Youth Workforce Development