How We Got Started in Collaborative Robotics

Lessons from a Small Manufacturer

The CNC machines were busy, labor costs were an issue, and the limited number of available machinists threatened growth. This was the situation facing Nick Kennedy last spring. He is President of FlexArm Inc, a leading manufacturer of tapping arms and ergonomic solutions in western Ohio.

What to do? Listen as Nick describes his creative approach to solving cost and throughput issues at the same time by exploring a collaborative robot for his operation. Joining Nick will be Application Engineer Cyler Caldwell, who led the project assessment and has managed its successful installation. That includes actual production that began the week it was received.

Find out how decisions were made and what lessons were learned by this entrepreneurial team.


Also, before you leave, try your hand at programming a collaborative robot similar to the one at FlexArm. You may be surprised what you find.

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