Is a Collaborative Robot in Your Future?

Straight Talk on Applications, Deployment, and Costs

Facing a bottleneck in a critical CNC machining center, a family-owned $12M business invested in a collaborative robot. Sound crazy? Not according to President Nick Kennedy. As described at our March Lunch 'n' Learn, within six months—and without any outside help—it was already assisting on 15 different parts. And, Nick said, that was just the beginning.

But how to evaluate the fit for automation in your plant? As part of its educational program for small manufacturers, Manufacturing Works invites you to a morning workshop on Collaborative Robots, featuring straight talk on important things you want to know. Topics will include:

  • Finding good problems to solve through automation
  • Details on programming
  • Basics of deployment
  • Information on End of Arm Tooling
  • Life with a cobot: maintenance and service
  • What about cost?

Our speakers bring extensive experience in the world of machine tools and robotic interfaces that speed throughput rates. They include Neff Engineering's Robotics Product Manager Chuck Masluk, plus Jim Tipton, President of Tipton Machinery Company and host of the event.

Attend this event and you'll see live demonstrations of two collaborative robots serving different applications.


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