Chemical Roundtable Series

The landscape is rapidly changing in the chemical industry – all levels of the value chain and raw materials, new innovative processes, pricing, numerous regulations, resource constraints, and more. This requires leaders to think about, plan, and execute the right strategies supported by the proper resources and capabilities to achieve success in today's business environment.

In this six-session series, Manufacturing Works provides a unique opportunity to come together with peers working in the chemical industry, along with subject matter experts, to tackle challenges and discover solutions you can take back and implement in your organization. Each session has its own focus; however, you are encouraged to bring your specific challenges and opportunities to the roundtable.

About Our Facilitator
Brian McCue

Brian McCue Currently working with AEA Investors as an executive advisor with a focus on the chemical industry, Brian is an executive with broad based general management, strategic planning and leadership experience and skills. Brian is a Carnegie Mellon Graduate and began his career in product management in Pittsburgh at Glaxo SmithKline. Since moving to the Cleveland Area in 1998 while working with Bayer Corporation, he has held senior level roles in sales, operations and strategic planning along with executive level management in both Fortune 100 companies and private closely held organizations.

Understanding the latest in the Shale Gas Value Chain and "How do we capture and keep more of the value here in the region?"
Get an update on the Shale Gas developments and value chain and discuss how your company can fully leverage the opportunity we have in the region.

  • The latest information concerning major developments and investment in the Shale Gas Value Chain
  • Understand how to get involved in the shale gas value chain
  • Identify what resources are available to support doing business in the value chain

TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) Reform: What are you doing to meet the challenges of Chemical evaluation and regulation with the new 21st century standards in place?
Understand and discuss the impact the new TSCA regulations will have on the chemical industry and how you will prepare for the rollout of these new standards.

  • Key dates for Reform Rollout
  • How these reforms could affect your products
  • Questions to ask your organization to ensure you are prepared for the changes

3D printing will require new materials with unique or modified properties. Are you ready to capitalize on this innovation and manage the complexity?
Discuss how to plan and innovate your offerings or production to capitalize on 3D printing revolution in parts manufacturing.

  • The latest information concerning developments in 3D printing
  • How 3D printing could be a resource for your organization
  • Questions to ask your organization to ensure you are prepared for the changes

As an organization leader, am I doing my part to ensure Environmental, Health and Safety is a core value in the company?
Learn what you can do to help foster a culture of safety in your organization. Understand your role and responsibility and how you can make safety a competitive advantage.

  • Understand senior management responsibilities for Environmental Health and Safety
  • Questions to ask your organization to ensure you are in compliance with mandated policies
  • Resources that are available to support developing safety as a core value in your company

We are all resource constrained, Should I be looking for value added collaborative relationships and what criteria should I consider in the process?
Discuss how to develop collaborative relationships with industry and academic partners and how they can add value in your supply chain and enterprise.

  • Value added collaboration models
  • How to identify collaboration opportunities
  • Ways to introduce collaborative thinking in your organization

How does your Chemical Manufacturing business plan for the future? Are you positioned to retain your best workers and attract the greatest minds of the next generation?
Look into ways you can position your business for success and help managers accustomed to using certain practices to engage boomers change their ways – and practices – if they hope to engage and retain today's workforce.

  • Effective ways to market your business to attract new employees
  • Idea's to effectively engage your current employees
  • Ways to relate to the 70% of employees who report they are not engaged