Managing Risk:
Safeguarding Your Company from the Unexpected

Risk Mitigation and Business Continuity

In business, the unexpected can occur at any time. Without preparation, surprises can cause disaster—including loss of the company.

For owners and executives who want to safeguard their investment, this new Manufacturing Works program offers a concise, proven process and guides you in the creation of customized plans to combat key threats to your business.

Join us to hear what it's like to lose:

  • Your entire production/office facility (fire/water intrusion)
  • Use of your database (extortion)
  • A key employee (sudden death)

Explore first-hand with owners how their companies managed to survive and the hard lessons they learned.

Listen to experts tell about their experience in finding ways to reduce the likelihood and impact of threats—and methods to speed the return to full operations if the worst happens.

After each session, you and your team will create a risk mitigation/business continuity plan based on what you learned. The following month, you'll share your work with the group and benefit from best practices.

Graduates of the four-session program will return with newly-written company plans, a well-developed internal process for evaluating and reducing risk, and momentum to address future issues.

Session 1:
Introduction and Process Training
Exercise: loss of communications

Session 2:
Loss of Facility
Disaster: fire (and flood)
Risk Mitigation
Business Continuity

Session 3:
Loss of Data
Disaster: data extortion
Risk Mitigation
Business Continuity

Session 4:
Sudden Loss of Key Employee
Disaster: sudden loss of key employee
Risk Mitigation
Business Continuity