A Moveable Marketing Feast!

Marketing Roundtable for Manufacturers

In this eight-session series, Manufacturing Works will take you to some uniquely-Cleveland destinations, where you and your manufacturing peers can share and ingest food for thought and drink in the relevant, actionable techniques to improve your marketing efforts in a unique roundtable setting. To facilitate discussion, drinks and appetizers will be served along with our discussion.

About Our Facilitator
Craig Coffey

Craig Coffey is the U.S. Marketing Communications Manager for the Lincoln Electric Company, the world's leading manufacturing of welding and cutting solutions. He is a career-long B2B marketer with wide ranging experience in the publishing, manufacturing, engineering and professional services industries and is a rabid fan of all things Cleveland. A self-styled "Marketing Evangelist" Craig is keenly interested in exploring and relating techniques that make the strongest connection between businesses and their customers.


New Marketing 101
Are you new to marketing or just trying to keep up? On this first day learn everything you wanted to know about the changing face of marketing, but were afraid to ask! We'll be focusing on "platforms" for modern marketing and trends most relevant to manufacturers and preview the topics covered in the rest of the series. Bring your list of mystery marketing acronyms and a desire to share your experiences and we'll explore them altogether.

Media Meltdown
If you're in marketing, one of the things you need to consider is how you'll get your company's message to your target market. Paid? Earned? Owned? Don't know where to start? We'll explain the basics of media strategy and help you determine what the best mix is for your company based on budget, audience, timing, and expectations. There's no one-size-fits-all solution, but we'll arm you with the tools to make the most of whatever your situation is.

Content Marketing, Uncorked
Content Marketing may be one of the biggest evolutions in the marketing space since the "Four P's." But it may also be the most misunderstood. We'll walk you through methods to determine what exactly good content marketing is (and is not) and help you develop practical methods for implementing a content marketing program within your manufacturing organization that is impactful, measureable and earns you the trust and loyalty of your customers.

Money Talk, Marketing Style
One of the hardest jobs any marketing pro faces is getting an adequate budget. In this roundtable, we'll discuss: 1. how to develop a marketing budget for any size organization, 2. Setting and reaching key performance indicators (KPIs) that business leaders care about, and 3. Why 'Return on Investment' may not always be the best measure of success.

Sales vs. Marketing: Can't We All Just Get Along?
Since time immemorial, the chasm between sales and marketing has been deep and wide. But does it have to be? In this session, find out where this great divide started and why. Learn strategies to align your efforts with sales to the benefit of your organization. Find out what smart marketers are doing to move their efforts from the cost side of the balance sheet to the revenue side, and how to make marketing a 'can't do without' resource for manufacturers.

The I.T. Department: Friend or 'Frenemy'?
With the advances in available technology, it seems as though I.T. is intimately involved in everything marketing does. Sometimes, though, it can seem to be more of a hindrance than a help. This round table will discuss finding common ground (and a common language) when dealing with IT, understanding their pain points and how to mitigate them to your benefit, and other strategies to bridge the gap between marketing and one of your most important internal allies.

The Importance of Brand
Logos. Colors. Taglines. Trademarks. While these can be important elements in how a company is perceived, when marketers place too much reliance on these tactical elements, they do so at their peril. Learn how to have a meaningful discussion about the value and impact of a thoughtful brand strategy. Understand how brand perception affects more than just your product or service marketing efforts and determine if your company has the brand it wants, or the brand it's earned—for better or for worse.

A New Marketer for Manufacturing
In the past 25 years, marketing for B2B organizations has distanced itself from being the "make it pretty department" to a key contributor to growth and success. Yet manufacturers tend to lag behind this trend. What is causing this inability to shift? Perhaps it's because we're hiring for the wrong skill set. Why? Maybe we don't know how to hire for the right ones. In this roundtable, learn why "rent before you buy" might help you overcome gaps in marketing skills. We'll also discuss the evolution of customer expectations and how to set the foundation for a metrics-based, technologically savvy marketing team of the future.