Group Learning

Manufacturing Works convenes expert-led and peer-to-peer learning groups that cover topics relevant to company growth and profitability.

  • Develop your skills using the best subject matter experts we know and trust
  • Share your expertise and help strengthen the local manufacturing economy
  • Build professional relationships that can last for years

"The greatest benefit to Cleveland Steel Tool has been spreading the gospel of Lean and 5S past the senior management level, to allow foremen and machine operators to hear from their peers about the benefits of the process. Sharing ideas within a controlled environment is a far superior learning technique than internet videos or classroom pedagogues."

Mark Dawson, President, Cleveland Steel Tool Co.


These expert-facilitated groups offer peer-to-peer learning opportunities. Participants meet weekly or monthly at each others' facilities, at the groups' descretion, for four to six sessions. Cost is $400 to $600 per company.


For Marketing Managers and Social Media Specialists


For Human Resource Leaders

Managing Risk

For Owners and Executive Leaders

Operational Excellence

For Owners, CEOs, and Operations Managers


For Owners, Operations, and Safety Managers

Industry Specific (e.g. Chemical or Plastics)

For Owners and Plant Managers

SPC 3.0

Northeast Ohio's Foremost Strategic Planning Experience

Working with class instructors and your personal mentor, you will examine every element of your business, outline goals and objectives, create an action plan, and lay out the expected results. You will work with peers and advisors to address challenges that face many businesses.

For Owners, CEOs, and Executive Leaders

Supervisory Training

ERC Certificate Series I training is nationally recognized. Participants will meet at Manufacturing Works for four consecutive weeks. There is a 15% discount for enrolling three or more from one company. watch video >

Certificate Series I
Certificate Series II

For Supervisors

OSHA 10-Hour Training

The 10-hour General Industry Card is viewed by OSHA as a proactive step toward safety compliance and employee workplace safety. Don't wait on a visit from OSHA and face potential mandatory 10-hour training.

For HR and Plant Managers, and Safety Specialists

Make plans now to register your team for one or more of these learning groups! For events now enrolling, please go to our Current Events page.

For more information, contact Kristen Haning, Outreach and Development Manager, at 216.920.1957.