Accelerate Cleveland Manufacturing
Growing your business1 is our bottom line. We hear from you about these pressing issues:

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Market Diversification

Ensure your business has money coming in that will sustain your operation and pave the way for future growth. Our team can review your company's current marketing initiatives and manufacturing capabilities, and perform a market analysis to help you penetrate new markets, diversify your offerings, and generate additional revenue in the long term.

Case Study: When Our Customers Went South

Inbound Marketing

The Internet is the first research choice for complex B2B customers. Our team assesses your current sales and marketing position to determine the best tools to reach your goals. In the short term our team can help develop your brand and increase your visibility to ensure your company can be found. In the long term the tools we help you create can be less costly and create more quality leads than traditional outbound marketing tools.

Case Study: Beyond a Digital Brochure

Workforce and Talent Management

Workforce challenges continue to be top of mind for manufacturing leaders as a critical component of organizational success. Our team can help your leaders understand how to best align your workforce and talent needs to organizational strategy and business objectives, and give you a practical start to a systematic process for identifying and addressing the gaps in your current and future workforce needs.

Operational Efficiency Improvement

Regardless of industry or product, all manufacturing organizations must continually strive to improve operational efficiency in order to remain competitive. Our team can help you analyze your data to optimize your equipment, product processes, and employee output so that you can get the greatest markup on your sales and ensure the end customer gets a good value.

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Thanks to generous funding from the Cleveland Foundation, the Accelerate Cleveland Manufacturing initiative combines the proven assets of MAGNET and Manufacturing Works to address the needs of Cleveland Manufacturing companies by delivering customized, tailored solutions to help medium to small manufacturing firms grow.

Initiative funded with generous support from The Cleveland Foundation
Manufacturing Works


* In the past 24 months the ACM team has identified and worked on 48 growth projects in the City of Cleveland affecting 66 job positions (17 new jobs created, 49 retained jobs) and generating $12.5 million in revenue impact (increased sales or cost savings).